Know everything Google knows

And deal with it.

If you want access to more enterprise level SERP data than any tool has ever offered, check out Nozzle.

Track all the things!

Most SEO keyword rank tracker tools just tell you the top ranking page on your website. Nozzle monitors your entire brand, including social media profiles and unlimited domain matches. There’s a difference between knowing you’re ranking #1 and owning the entire first page!

My Review

At first, it can be a bit overwhelming because of the amount of information it offers, but as you become more familiar with the tool, things become simple.

It allows you to obtain information with a great level of detail, to make a comparative of the evolution of the changes and the possibility of tracking our competitors in an unlimited way.

I am just starting to experiment with Nozzle, and discovering day by day new ways to take advantage of it, and although there are functionalities that need to be incorporated, the roadmap looks promising.

The product has comparatively generous usage limits among other similar tools in the market, Now Nozzle is my favourite tool for,

– Keyword SERP tracking
– Tracking & Monitoring Competitors
– SERP tracking for YouTube videos
– Monitor SEO performance in real-time

This tool will help you to make smart decisions to win the SEO game. If you’re into SEO, Highly recommend Nozzle.

Search results pages can be a valuable source of information, which is why it’s important to monitor them so you know what’s happening on the SERPs for any relevant keywords.

I like to use this tool to monitor the results pages on Google for my brand and my competitors’ brands.

It’s a great way to see what’s working and what’s not.

I have SEO tools, e.g., SE Ranking, Serpstat, RankActive, UberSuggest, just to name a few. If you have been doing SEO and being active on AppSumo for a few years like I do, I bet you have a similar number of SEO tools. So you would have the same burning question as I did: Do I really need this one? The short answer is yes.

The depth of the data Nozzle gives you is mind blowing. Other rank tracker only track the position, but Nozzle does way more. you can see data for not organic, but paid, Featured Snippets, Related Phrase, Answers, Top Stories, even Sitelinks(?!).

It takes into account all the new features of SERP that Google has been adding to it. Nozzle even shows you visual insight of all the real estate occupied on the SERP. You will know the CTR, traffic and PPC value for piece of occupied real estate. What?! That is insane. And although there is no PDF export function for it, you can take a screenshot, easy. You can get more granular data than you’ve imagined and hoped for.

Another big differentiator of Nozzle is UNLIMITED competitors. Yes you hear me right. Other tools are very limiting in terms of competitor analysis/tracking unless you have the money to burn. But due to the way Nozzle pulls the data, they can track as many competitors as you want, without adding cost. Even tier 1 can do that. The only limiting factor is just the number of keywords. Going tier 3 is nobrainer.

Calling Nozzle a rank tracker is not totally accurate, it’s much more than that. It’s a data mining machine. That’s why it could be overwhelming to some. I agree. I’m not a data analyst either. So the result Nozzle could bring is really only limited by the user’s knowledge level. That, is fine to me because I know as I learn and grow, Nozzle will continue to be useful to me and I will find new use from it, instead of outgrowing the tool quickly and abandon it entirely. With my limited knowledge, I’ve already make pretty good use from it.

Dark Mode. I don’t care for it, but I know many people do. So I guess it’s worth mentioning.