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Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation, and Website Hosting services. 

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WordPress Web Design

WordPress website design services, which include maintenance and care plans.

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Pay Monthly Local SEO Services

I will set up your website so that your local customers can find you quickly and easily.

Pay Monthly Web Hosting

Affordable, super-fast website hosting built exclusively for WordPress.

Working alongside local businesses

Glenn Freeman – Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

I help small business owners align their online presence with their business goals, helping them stand out in competitive markets by making them look professional and polished, and ultimately, converting visitors into customers.

I’ll help you with any digital need you have. Whether it’s getting your own website up and running, creating a Facebook page, getting your Google adwords account set up or anything else.

Based in the UK, Niche Web Services specialize in working with solo entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups. They provide everything from website design and SEO to website hosting.

WordPress is my niche, therefore I focus on modern web standards and search engine optimisation.

If your looking for a long term website designer for your business or personal website, don’t go any further.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions my clients ask.

How are Niche Web Services Different?

I’m a small business too and we know how small businesses operate. We will work on all aspects of the website design, build the technical stuff as this is what we do – we do this so you can go ahead and grow your business.

I’m a one-stop-shop for all your website requirements such as website hosting, domain names, website design and local SEO.

Typically you’ll have to pay for these services separately and the cost can build up.

You are not under any long term contract and If for any reason you want to cancel with me and move your website to another provider you are free to do so.

I already have my own domain name. Can I use it with my new website?

Yes. If you already have your own domain name (website name) that you would like to use for the new website you’ll just need to give us access to change the nameservers to point to our own web servers. We can help you with this.

What is the website design process from start to finish?

We like simplicity and find that this works for us!

STEP 1 – Discovery.

Tell us your ideas, technical requirements, and business goals.

Meetings are held in order to determine the requirements like; Who is going to use the website? How will they find it? How are they going to use it?

These requirements are analyzed for their effectiveness to determine the website’s sitemap.

STEP 2 – Definition.

We will start a draft design to match your brand, colours, and design of your logo. If you do not have a logo – no problem we can help you with this at an extra cost.

STEP 3 – Design & Content.

This is where we need the website site content – usually one page at a time. We will then design and send you links to your pages as they are completed so you can view them.

With your input at every stage, we’ll design your site to be the best in your industry. It will be mobile-responsive, interactive, and have a clear user conversion path.

STEP 4 – Development.

Final content adjustments and amendments are actioned. We will adjust and implement the website design edits and update the content to your specifications.

STEP 5 – Deployment.

Before launch, we will review and test every feature and function of your web site across multiple devices. We’ll also provide extensive training so you’re ready on launch day.

STEP 6 – Launch & Support.

Every website project comes with a minimum 30-day complimentary support. At Niche Web Services we also provide ongoing managed support for clients who want help with regular updates, website maintenance, and website security.

If you need help with optimising your website to be found in local search results, I can help you with this. Click here for our local SEO plans.

Why are your prices so affordable compared to other design businesses?

I specialise in working with startups and small businesses and I have managed to streamline my process so much that I am quicker and more efficient with both the design and build. I also know small businesses have to save money wherever they can. As a freelance website designer, I have no overheads such as paying rent for an office or having staff wages, etc.

How quickly can you build a website?

This entirely depends if you have your website content already.  If you already have the content such as text, images, and social media links then we can build the website inside of one week if its a priority. Typically a site completion from initial design to completion is three to four weeks with a maximum of six weeks. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day so I can work with you at your own pace.  

Recent Work

Fast loading websites optimised with local SEO practises.

Let’s Work Together

I would love to hear about your project, no matter how big or small it is. I will do my best to help you, but if I can’t I’ll try to point you in the right direction.

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